Effortless Taxi Business Management with Our Provider Portal

Streamline your cab business operations with our integrated management system. Manage trips, drivers, passengers, and dispatch all from one centralized provider portal. Enhance efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and fuel your business growth with cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Advanced Routing Algorithms

Our software utilizes cutting-edge routing algorithms that adapt in real-time. By accurately predicting demand and incorporating proprietary algorithms, we facilitate intelligent ride-sharing and optimize routes, all while considering traffic conditions. This results in reduced detours, improved punctuality, and the ability to accommodate more rides per vehicle hour.

Advanced Routing Algorithms

Flexible Booking Options

Yamsol LLC offers versatile booking choices to meet your needs. Whether you prefer on-demand trips, advanced bookings days in advance, last-minute reservations, or even recurring series, we've got you covered. Our timely communication channels, including SMS, phone, and in-app notifications, ensure that riders stay informed about estimated arrival times (ETAs) and any pertinent service updates.

Flexible Booking Options

Seamless Payment Integration

At Yamsol LLC, we've integrated our platform with local fare collection systems, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience for riders. Ride with ease and confidence, knowing that payment is straightforward and discounts are readily available.

Seamless Payment Integration

Exclusive Mapping and Simulation Tools

Yamsol LLC employs its exclusive mapping and simulation tools to enhance your community's transportation system. Our modeling engine utilizes real mapping data and a comprehensive range of localized inputs to construct a tailored simulation of the most efficient system for your locality. When coupled with our Remix technology, you gain the capability to visualize transportation data and assess your influence effectively.

Exclusive Mapping and Simulation Tools

Innovative Features of Our NEMT Provider Panel

Explore the advanced capabilities of our NEMT Provider Panel, enhancing non-emergency medical transportation services with precision and ease.

Centralized Trip Management

Get a comprehensive overview of all your operations in one place. Monitor drivers, track trips, and access real-time driver statuses, making management efficient.

All Trips at Your Fingertips

Access a complete list of all trips from the Rides Dashboard. Stay informed about every trip, from start to finish.

Explore Trip Offers

Review all offered trips in one place. Dive into trip details and make informed decisions regarding trip acceptance.

Manage Pending Trips

Keep track of pending trips and efficiently manage them. Access trip details and take necessary actions.

Trip Assignments Made Easy

Access all assigned trips and their details. Ensure seamless trip allocation and driver coordination.

Stay Ahead with Upcoming Trips

Plan for upcoming trips effectively. View trip details and ensure everything is in place for a smooth experience.

Real-time Trip Monitoring

Monitor all in-progress trips in real-time. Access trip details to stay updated and provide support if needed

Cancelled Trips

Keep records of all cancelled trips and their details. Analyze the reasons behind cancellations for improvement.

Completed Trips Overview

Get insights into completed trips. Review trip details and ensure passenger satisfaction.

Effortless Trip Creation

Create new rides seamlessly using the Create Trips feature. Simplify the process and enhance efficiency.

Comprehensive Operations Overview

Access all types of trips, including in-progress, cancelled, finished, offered, and more in the Operations tab. Streamline trip management.

Driver Management Hub

Manage your drivers efficiently. Add new drivers, export driver information, access driver documents, and maintain driver profiles.

Fleet Management Central

Keep your fleet in check. Add new fleets, export fleet data, manage fleet profiles, and assign them to drivers for optimized operations.

Passenger Profiles Hub

Access passenger profiles, create new passenger profiles, and efficiently manage passenger information.

Staff Profile Management

Create and manage staff profiles, ensuring a smooth workflow within your organization.

Vehicle Type Information

Explore different vehicle types and their specifications for better fleet management.

Flexible Fare Management

Add and view fares, and assign them to specific vehicle types, providing flexibility in pricing.

Zone Management

Add and manage zones to enhance your service coverage and organization.

Performance Insights Dashboard

Get a clear view of your performance with KPIs. Manage driver earnings, driver settlements, trip details, and earnings effortlessly.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Handle customer support seamlessly. Settle tickets, manage issues, and add or view tickets for efficient issue resolution.

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