NEMT Dispatch Software & Complete Back Office Support

With integration for leading brokers available, NEMT Platform covers complete lifecycle of NEMT Operations from trip parsing and execution to billing documents so you can focus on what's important; growing your business.

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Dispatching Save time when planning and scheduling

Minimize driver miscommunication, wasted time, and passenger frustration. Nemt Platform gives dispatchers better visibility and allows them to match trips with drivers in real-time.

 Dispatching Save time when planning and scheduling

Integrated Mapping Real Time Location Data

NEMT Platform is built with advanced mapping software. Our system can automatically calculate mileage, ETA, and travel times on every trip you schedule.

Integrated Mapping Real Time Location Data

Schedule Automated, user-friendly scheduling

Put an end to human scheduling errors. Save time doing it with our brokerage importer and smart trip validation algorithms.

 Schedule Automated, user-friendly scheduling

Billing Get paid on all trips every time

NEMT Platform automates the billing process to eliminate human error, minimize denials, and speed up your cash flow. We support a wide range of payers and brokers. Nemt Platform supports all invoicing formats such as electronic EDI, CMS 1500, paper invoices.

Billing Get paid on all trips every time

Innovative Features of Our NEMT Provider Panel

Explore the advanced capabilities of our NEMT Provider Panel, enhancing non-emergency medical transportation services with precision and ease.

Efficient Trip Assignments for Drivers

Easily assign trips to drivers, ensuring they have all the necessary information to provide non-emergency medical transportation efficiently. Streamline the allocation process for better service.

Comprehensive Trip Information

Drivers can access detailed trip information, including pick-up and drop-off locations, patient details, and special instructions, ensuring a smooth and informed trip.

Visualize Trips on Maps

Drivers can view trip details on interactive maps, track routes in real-time, and optimize their routes for quicker and safer transportation.

Daily Vehicle Inspection

Prioritize safety with a daily inspection checklist, including exterior checks, tire inspections, and vehicle maintenance tasks, ensuring your vehicles are always in top condition.

Real-time Passenger Management

Drivers can activate trips when passengers are safely onboard, providing a convenient way to manage the transportation process.

Trip Initiation Made Simple

Start trips once passengers are comfortably settled, enhancing the overall experience and ensuring a smooth journey.

Emergency Assistance at Your Fingertips

Drivers can activate the SOS feature in case of safety concerns, ensuring quick response and assistance when needed.

Trip Cancellation Convenience

Drivers can cancel trips directly from the app, offering flexibility and efficient trip management.

Seamless Trip Completion

Complete trips effortlessly with the 'End Trip' feature, allowing for efficient record-keeping and closure of assignments.

Digital Signatures for Accountability

Capture signatures from members, drivers, and facilities on the app, providing a secure and paperless way to confirm trip completion.

Requesting Return Assistance

After trip completion, drivers can offer return assistance, allowing members to request a return trip when ready with a simple name and phone number input.

Real-time Trip Overview

Keep track of active trips with the active trip list, ensuring efficient trip management for drivers.

Trip Manifest

View all driver and trip details in the manifest view, providing a complete overview of your operations.

Trip Scheduling at a Glance

Plan ahead with the calendar view, allowing drivers to see upcoming trips and review past trip history effortlessly.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Drivers can easily log their working hours with time in/time out features, simplifying payroll and compliance management.

Time Sheet Records

View historical time sheet records to keep track of hours worked and ensure accurate compensation.

Flexible Fare Adjustment

Customize fare parameters to meet specific pricing needs, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Trip Cost Estimation

Calculate trip estimates before starting a journey, offering transparency and cost predictability for passengers.

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