Adaptable to your company's development and future prospects

Proudly providing state of the art software solutions for NEMT industry.

A complete digital distribution platform for brokers

Our end-to-end solution enables companies to start and grow their NEMT business be it brokerage with diverse footprint or small and medium size companies offering services in a certain geographic area, we cover everything in between.


NEMT Dispatch Software & Complete Back Office Support

With integration for leading brokers available, NEMT Platform covers complete lifecycle of NEMT Operations from trip parsing and execution to billing documents so you can focus on what's important; growing your business.


Empowering Your Premium Clients

NEMT Platform offers ease of business not just to transportation providers but their premium partners as well. These corporate clients can create trips themselves and the information is passed to the provider panel automatically where the trips can be planned and executed accordingly.


Empower drivers with intuitive workflows

NEMT driver application is a part of NEMT Platform suite of applications designed specifically to cater to the needs of Non Emergency Medical Transport Services providers.

  • Get Daily Trips Manifest

  • Realtime Trip Status Update

  • Live Routing Information

  • Digital Records For Compliance

  • Live tracking for the ride


An application for member care

A dedicated mobile application to lessen the burden of call handling on dispatchers and support agents. Members can now request rides for their appointments from their own devices by entering the required information. As the data is processed on our secure servers, it is very easy to reorder a previous trip with new date and time only.

  • Easily request rides

  • User friendly interface

  • Record of previous rides

  • Preferred provider choice

  • Live tracking for the ride


Back office live dispatch services

Let us increase your capabilities to get to more patients. Provide better service and grow as a reliable company in the industry.

  • 24/7 Call Center

  • Remote Live Dispatch Assistance

  • Call Center For Member & Driver Care

  • Trip Confirmations To Reduce NO-Shows

  • To Handle Brokers Trip Inquiry's, ETA


AI Dashcam to monitor driving behaviour

Boost driver safety in real-time through optional in-cab coaching in high risk situations such as tailgating, no seatbelt, and more, helping drivers practice safe driving habits.

  • Live Camera Feed

  • Distracted Driving

  • Remote Driver Verification

  • Rolling Stops

  • Control Fraud & Abuse

  • Harsh driving