NEMT Dispatch Software

With integration for leading brokers available, NEMT Platform covers complete lifecycle of NEMT Operations from trip parsing and execution to billing documents so you can focus on what's important; growing your business.

App screenshot
Easily Accessible
The web-based admin interface for NEMT providers is available through any browser window.
A dashboard panel that can be customised to emphasize all of the relevant stats in one location.
Manage Trips
Track all trip requests, create and manage new trips by hand, monitor trip progress, and more.
Manage Drivers
The driver dispatch app is tightly integrated with the central administration system.
Manage Fleet
Add vehicle data to the system, track availability and maintenance, and so on.
Manage Clients
From the client management module, you may add and manage your NEMT clients.
Manage Trips
Track all trip requests, create and manage new trips by hand, monitor trip progress, and more.
Dispatch Module
A powerful dispatch module that allows you to manually or automatically allocate new trip requests to drivers.
AI Cameras
When drivers get distracted, remind them to return their attention to the road.
Manage Notifications
Set notification preferences for drivers, providers, patients, and your team.
Manage Categories
Manage NEMT vehicle classifications such as ambulances, vans, vehicles, and sedans.
Set Pricing
Configure price for each type depending on distance, time, and other considerations.
Setup Hospital Panel
Configure the dashboard for your clients to make appointments and management easier.
Billing & Payments
Create a digital invoice for each of your clients and send it to them through email.
Accept Payments
From the payments area, you can manage payments for your company and drivers.
Reporting & Analytics
Get important statistics and operational insights to help you make data-driven decisions.

Dispatching Save time when planning and scheduling

Minimize driver miscommunication, wasted time, and passenger frustration. Nemt Platform gives dispatchers better visibility and allows them to match trips with drivers in real-time.

Real-Time Trip Status & Assignment Updates
Interactive Driver Manifest
Vehicle Location Tracking

Integrated Mapping Real Time Location Data

NEMT Platform is built with advanced mapping software. Our system can automatically calculate mileage, ETA, and travel times on every trip you schedule.

Schedule Automated, user-friendly scheduling

Put an end to human scheduling errors. Save time doing it with our brokerage importer and smart trip validation algorithms.

Computer-Assisted, On-Demand, & Fixed Routing
Intelligent Brokerage Importing
Integrated Mapping

Billing Get paid on all trips every time

NEMT Platform automates the billing process to eliminate human error, minimize denials, and speed up your cash flow. We support a wide range of payers and brokers. Nemt Platform supports all invoicing formats such as electronic EDI, CMS 1500, paper invoices.

Claim Files
Post Trip Log
Trip Reimbursement Form
Pre Trip Log
Manifest Report