A complete digital distribution platform for brokers

Our end-to-end solution enables companies to establish and build their NEMT business, whether it's a brokerage with a global footprint or a small or medium-sized company delivering services in a specific geographic region; we cover it all.

App screenshot
App For Admins
We can provide a mobile app interface to manage your NEMT service while you're on the road.
App For Providers
Provide your hospital's consumers with a mobile app for arranging appointments on the road.
Third Party Integrations
Additional software solutions can help you boost the performance of your NEMT scheduling software.

Reduce outbound calls to find providers in the geographic area

With our state of the art distribution center, the trips entered into the system can automatically be assigned to nearby companies.

Monitor the status of the trips from a dashboard

No need to dial the local provider's number every few minutes to check the status of any trip. Simply login to our dashboard and view the status and ETA of any driver towards its pickup location*

NEMT Providers Compliant

We also have a state of the art solution for small companies to offer NEMT services. with a unified software solution, the complete operational lifecycle from booking a trip to its execution and billing is streamlined.