Empowering Your Premium Clients

NEMT Platform offers ease of business not just to transportation providers but their premium partners as well. These corporate clients can create trips themselves and the information is passed to the provider panel automatically where the trips can be planned and executed accordingly.

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Ease of trip creation

With a dedicated panel available to our corporate clients, it is very easy to create requests for new rides. Eleminating the need of calls back and forth, you can now simply enter the details of members yourself. The created trips will appear in the relevant company's provider panel and they will be able to plan, schedule and perform the trip right from their panel.

Track your trip

As your transportaion provider plans and schedules a trip, you can see the status of your ride requests in real time. As our technology allows you to track the location of a ride at any given time, you can not only see the driver on the way to pick you up to know the ETA, you can also track the location and confirm a drop off from your own corporate panel screen.

History & Reports

You can see detailed reporting on the panel about the trip requests created from your side. You can search via a member's name, see the history for a specific member or the number of trips performed in a certain date range for your own record keeping purposes.