NEMT Pro application is a part of NEMT Platform suite of applications designed specifically to cater to the needs of Non Emergency Medical Transport Services providers.

Real Time Trips Manifest

No Shows or cancelled trips are a big reality of the industry.With our modern location tracking and efficient routing algorithms, the trips can be assigned on the go to increase efficient performance of drivers on the road.

Digital Footprint of Trips

With every truth point of a trip captured on the mobile application with associated timestamp and location points, the state of every trip is reported back to admin panel continously.The signatures of the members are also collected digitally for quick and simple claim files generation for billing purposes.

Safety First

With safety checklists embedded in the application for Wheelchair trips, the application has been designed to ensure passenger safety at all times.Drivers are asked to double check that they have locked wheelchair in its place, the ramp is lifted properly etc.Also, the application asks for vital safety checks like brakes, headlights and other important features at start of operations everyday.

Virtual Dispatch Center

With real - time incident detection and preventative in -cab coaching, Yamsol AI Dash Cams are proven to protect drivers and lower costs.

Mobile Control Centre

Will all critical information like trips status, drivers location, B Legs and future trips, the application allows a dispatcher to be well informed of all important metric of business on the go.Dispatchers no longer need to remain glued to their computers and can see all the information on their mobile devices both on iOS & Android platforms.

Trip Creation / Forwarding

This feature allows creation of a new trip on the road using VDC.A dispatcher can not only create a new trip for any broker / private pay client / dispatch trip, he can also forward it to any specific driver for quick execution and load management

Drivers & Fleet Updates

You can add a new vehicle in your fleet or assign a vehicle to a specific driver from VDC.You can also create accounts for new drivers in the system right from the comfort of your palm and share the credentials with your drivers for easy access.